Self-isolation is Guernsey's 'main defence against Covid-19'

Self-isolation is Guernsey's "main defence against Covid-19", according to the Chief Minister.

At today's press briefing, Deputy Gavin St Pier opened by highlighting the importance of the 14-day self-isolation period when returning to the island.

He says it is "not a soft option" and is now backed up by legislation - citing a court case this week which saw a man fined £6,000 for breaching the rules.

Another aspect of the isolation period discussed was its impact on hospital patients travelling to Southampton. At present, Guernsey patients are required to isolate for two weeks before and after their appointments, but Medical Director, Dr Peter Rabey, says they are currently trying to agree a "flexible protocol".

Other travel

As part of phase four islanders can travel off-island for 'non-essential reasons', however Deputy St Pier has warned that "just because you can, it does not mean should". He is asking people to think before travelling, and consider the constraint of the 14-day isolation period they would be required to do upon their return.

Hospital appointments

More hospital appointments are now taking place face-to-face, according to Dr Rabey. The number of people visiting the Emergency Department is also on the up, which he says is a good sign, as it shows people are having the confidence to go to the hospital when they need to.

Number of cases

Guernsey has now seen 36 days without a new case of Covid-19, but Deputy Heidi Soulsby has warned that "complacency is our biggest enemy", which is why the government is not rushing a move into phase five.


Deputy St Pier thanked teachers, parents and students for keeping education going, and wished those returning to school the best of luck. Pupils are being encouraged to walk or cycle to school where possible.

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