Jersey’s population increases by 1,100 in the last year

Jersey is now home to an estimated 107,800 people - an increase of almost 12,000 people in the last decade.

The 2019 population estimate was released today (18 June) by Statistics Jersey.

Over a one year period, 1,000 more people migrated into Jersey than those who moved out. Half of these were licensed workers, the other half were registered.

It is the slowest annual growth since 2014.

The estimate comes from the resident population taken in the 2011 Census. The change in the resident population in each subsequent year is estimated using data on numbers of births and deaths in Jersey, information on school and pre-school populations, and employment information.

Migration into Jersey has accounted for the vast majority (80%) of Jersey’s population growth over the last decade.

The report also measures ‘natural growth’ - where the number of deaths is taken away from the number of births. In 2019 there were 90 more births than deaths.