Potential dates for Guernsey's general election to be put forward within weeks

Deputy Neil Inder says his Committee is looking at two potential dates in 2020 to hold the election. Credit: ITV Channel TV

A date for Guernsey's postponed election could be announced within weeks.

Earlier this year, Deputies voted to move the date back to June 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, with Guernsey having no known active cases of the virus in 48 days, politicians are keen to hold the election before the end of the year.

Neil Inder, President of the States' Assembly and Constitution Committee, says dates are currently being discussed ahead of being brought to the chamber.

We've got two possible dates. One is September 30th this year, and the other date is 7 October. And within a week or so, our committee will have settled on a date and we will bring that to the States.

Deputy Neil Inder, President of the States' Assembly and Constitution Committee

The election will be Guernsey's first island-wide vote after islanders backed the changes in a referendum in 2018.

According to the original proposals, voting for the election was due to be open for four days, with the results being declared today (18 June).