BLOG: 'Very hot this week' says Sophia Bird as sunny conditions return to the islands

A super week for those who enjoy hot and sunny weather. Credit: Jens Bttner/DPA/PA Images

This week is going to be a super for those who enjoy very hot and sunny weather.

Until Thursday afternoon it will be dry, and temperatures will steadily climb to the high 20s in Jersey and into the low to mid 20s for Alderney and Guernsey.

It is possible there will be a thundery breakdown on Thursday night. A cold front will wiggle its way north east, and then north, with the broken showers. But it's early days, so we'll have to wait and see.

Solar UV index Credit: Jersey Met Dept

The UV index will be a high eight, meaning you can burn very easily.

It is unlikely to touch a UV of nine, as the ozone above us doesn't appear as though it will thin that much. However, if it does, it is possible we will have a UV index of nine mid week.

The UV index forecast identifies the strength of the ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun on a particular day - find out what it means to you here.

It will not be heatwave for the Channel Islands. Credit: Martin Sterba/Czech News Agency/PA Images


It will not be heatwave for the Channel Islands.

You may well hear the term "heatwave" being used for the UK, however the Channel Islands follow this rule:

A heat wave is five consecutive days where temperatures are five degrees above the average.

The Channel Islands (Jersey) average temperature for this time of year is 20 degrees, and on Sunday 22 June 2020, Jersey reached a maximum of 18.9 degrees.

To reach heatwave status, islanders will have to wait and see if the next five days are at least 25 degrees or above for this criteria to be met.

For those of you interested in the UK's definition of a heatwave, that was introduced last year, the details are in the tweet below

You can access the latest weather forecast here.