Branchage carried out by bike for the first time in Jersey

Branchage by bike Credit: ITV Channel

Parish officials have taken part in Jersey's first ever Branchage by bike.

Each year officials check the islands green lanes are kept clear from overhanging trees- it is known as Branchage.

However, because of social distancing measures this year those taking part took to their bikes to get around.

The law, which has been around for more than 100 years, means landowners have to keep their hedgerows trimmed back from roads and footpaths.

What the law requires:

  • There is a clearance of 12 feet over main roads and by-roads

  • There is a clearance of eight feet over footpaths

  • That you clear all trimmings from the road / footpath etc afterwards

If a landowner fails to keep their vegetation under control they can face fines of up to £100.

Branchage inspection Credit: ITV Channel

Branchage literally means 'branches'. The branchage refers to the law which ensures that any vegetation growth that overhan​gs roads and footpaths is cut back. This includes hedges, branches, trees, shrubs, grass and flowers etc. By having the branchage trimmed, these areas are safer for drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and anyone else who uses them.

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Julie Wildbore-Hands Parishioner Credit: ITV Channel

It's really important because we have the most beautiful country lanes which are really very narrow and we want to encourage people to enjoy them. This year with coronavirus, so many people are walking and cycling and we thought why not embrace that? Everyone is so much healthier because of this pandemic in a strange way so we thought that we would embrace that too.

Julie Wildbore-Hands, Parishioner