People's Park among the five sites short-listed for Jersey's new hospital

People's Park is back on the list as a possible site for the new hospital. Credit: ITV Channel TV

People's Park in St Helier is back in the running as a possible site for Jersey's new hospital.

The States narrowly voted to take People's Park off the list, back in February 2019, however it is among four other locations which have also been short-listed. They include St Andrew’s Park, Overdale a group of fields to the north of Five Oaks, and Millbrook playing field as well as farm land north of the inner road in St Lawrence.

82 possible sites were originally identified from suggestions made by the public which have been whittled down by health clinicians and members of the Our Hospital Citizens' Panel. The government says all five options will now be assessed to see if they will be feasible for the new hospital to be built there by 2026.

Analysis of each site is being undertaken throughout this summer, with a preferred location being put before the Our Hospital Political Oversight Group in September. They will be looking into the impact on the local environment, infrastructure requirements, overall cost and any site- specific issues.

The States will then be asked to debate the preferred site in November.

According to the government, landowners and parish officials for all the five spots have been contacted and politicians themselves have not been involved in the selection process of the sites.