Mobile network Sure uses Huawei technology

The UK government has banned the use of the Chinese company's technology by 2027 over security concerns. Credit: ITV Channel TV and PA Images

The mobile phone company Sure is using Huawei technology as part of its 5G trial across the Channel Islands. The UK government has banned the use of the Chinese company's technology by 2027 over security concerns. Both Jersey and Guernsey's Government said they expect to align their approach to the company with the UK.

Guernsey States say it has had regular contact with the UK NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) and the decision to exclude Huawei is one that had been anticipated.

Our close, constitutional relationship with the UK means it’s important we are aligned on national security matters and I’d like to thank the NCSC for its work in keeping us informed in the run up to this decision. It means we’re in a position to respond swiftly to mirror these steps, and ensure our local operators can do the same.

Deputy Mary Lowe, Guernsey's President of the Committee for Home Affairs

Sure says it will stop using the technology by 2027 if the islands follow the UKs approach.

At the moment Huawei technology is still operating as part of our 5G trial. Throughout the trial we worked with the States of Jersey and Guernsey, both local competition and regulatory authorities and UK authorities to adhere to local, national and international policies and standards of application, safety and security and will continue to do so.

Spokesperson for Sure

Sure says its "decision on suppliers for 5G technology and the process for the issuing of 5G  licenses for local telecoms operators has yet to commence".The telecoms company JT has also publicly committed to remove another Chinese company's technology from their network- they say it is because ZTE is considered a high risk vendor.

We have already been working with our own telecoms providers to align our approach in Jersey and JT has publicly committed to the removal of ZTE, which is considered a High Risk Vendor by the UK, from its existing network. Telecoms and digital security are of the utmost importance to Jersey customers, businesses and the Government.

Senator Lyndon Farnham, Jersey's Minister for Economic Development, Tourism, Sport and Culture

Airtel-Vodafone does not use ZTE or Huawei. It says it has "always used Nokia as its core network infrastructure partner" and is "committed to using only tried, tested and trusted suppliers for any future technology roll outs such as 5G".