Historic anti-discrimination law passed in Guernsey

The legislation makes it illegal to discriminate Credit: PA

Guernsey's politicians have agreed to an historic anti-discrimination law. 

The law defends people being discriminated against for their race, disability, sexual orientation, religious beliefs and anyone who provides care or support for a person with a disability.

It will now be illegal to discriminate in employment, when people are accessing goods and services, education, accommodation and clubs. 

Only in ‘justifiable situations’ will there be exceptions to the rule. 

People were first consulted on the law last year which is set to come into force in 2022.

Same sex and unmarried couples will soon be able to have both of their names on their child’s birth certificate. The States voted unanimously in favour of the amendment this morning which was put forward by Deputies Merrett and Snowdon.

The Institute of Directors, Chamber of Commerce, international Business Association, Confederation of Guernsey Industry and the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development released a joint statement about the change.