Nine-year-old Guernsey author shares story of adoption to help others

Girl reading a book
Abi Dowinton was adopted from London when she was 15 months old. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Nine-year-old Abi Dowinton from Guernsey has written her very first book, and it focuses on her personal experience of adoption.

Abi hopes the book which is called 'Being Adopted: A Child's Perspective' will help other children learn about the process of adoption.

As well as writing the book, Abi also illustrated it.

Abi hopes her book will help people understand 'what adoption is all about'. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Abi was adopted from London when she was 15 months old. Through her writing, she takes the reader on a journey from the day she was born to her life in Guernsey nine years later.

Her parents, Lyndsey and Grant Dowinton, first tried to adopt in Guernsey but there was not a match. They found Abi in London but 1,200 other families were interested in adopting her. Luckily, they were selected to be Abi's parents.

Abi has formed a close relationship with some members of her birth family. Credit: Channel TV

In the book, Abi talks about what an important role social workers played in making sure her adoption could go ahead.

In Guernsey, the Family Placement Service work to ensure all children who need adopting can be matched with the right parents.

But during the coronavirus pandemic, the service say there has been a decrease in the number of people inquiring about adoption. This differs to the UK, where there has been an increase.

Abi's book will be available to purchase on Amazon from next week. She hopes it will help other children learn about adoption and what it means to have a "forever family".

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