Businesses in Guernsey that need government support to stay afloat during the pandemic can apply for the second phase of the payroll co-funding scheme from today (1 August).

Companies which can show they are continuing to face a significant drop in turnover because of coronavirus will be able to apply. These include:

  • Retail outlets (excluding essential retail outlets).

  • Restaurants and other food and drink businesses (excluding takeaways).

  • Event companies such as those working in corporate events or weddings.

  • Travel agents and tour operators.

  • Arts, entertainment and recreation which act as tourist activities.

  • Visitor accommodation.

  • Taxi sector.

They will be able to apply for 80% or 100% minimum wage co funding, depending on how badly affected they continue to be. It will be available until 30 September 2020.

Like in the first phase, eligible businesses that have a turnover of more than 40% and up to 70% of normal levels will be able to apply for 80% of the minimum wage, with business contributing the remaining 20%.

Those companies that saw their turnover drop below 40% of normal levels will be able to apply for 100%. Any businesses wanting to apply will be able to do so on the government's website or by contacting Business Support by emailing or calling 01481 743 803.

From 1 October a grant initiative is being introduced to replace the payroll co-funding scheme to provide further support for visitor accommodation businesses. The government says any other company that is not included in the list above, but has been significantly affected by coronavirus, can still apply and they will be judged on its individual merits.