Dr Nicola Brink reads to children and answers their questions in Guernsey

Dr Nicola Brink has been reading to children at a library in Guernsey. Credit: States of Guernsey

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic Dr Nicola Brink has been the recognisable and reassuring voice of public health advice in Guernsey.

Now she has been putting her famous voice to a very different use. She has swapped the pressures of media briefings and interviews to read to children at Guille-Allès Library's storytime.

But it wasn't too long before the she was dealing with more familiar questions.

Credit: States of Guernsey

One of the children asked: "When can we go back to New Zealand to meet our grandad because we love him and we were going to go there as a summer holiday but the coronavirus meant that we couldn't."

To which Dr Brink answered: "Yes it's really tough, people haven't been able to go and see their family. We're hoping it's going to be soon, maybe not this year, but maybe into next year you'll be able to go and see your grandad.

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