Ports of Jersey issues exemption cards for those who cannot wear masks

Passengers with hidden disabilities or valid medical reasons will be given a card by the Ports of Jersey to show they are not required to wear a face mask. Credit: Ports of Jersey

Passengers travelling through Jersey's airport and harbour are no longer required to wear a face mask or face shield if they have a valid medical reason.

Currently everyone using the terminals has to wear a face covering but the Ports of Jersey now says people with certain medical conditions or hidden disabilities are exempt.

To ease the process and make their journey more comfortable a "Hidden Disability" face covering exemption card has been launched. People are asked to carry it with them so they can be easily identified by staff.

People will need to provide medical documentation to show they have a valid reason for not wearing a mask. Credit: Ports of Jersey

It is a similar process to the "Hidden Disability" lanyard scheme, which was introduced in December 2018 and alerts staff if someone needs additional time or consideration when travelling.

We are conscious that for some passengers the wearing of a face mask or shield can be very challenging when travelling through our ports, especially for those with a ‘hidden’ medical condition that is not immediately identified. Therefore, to make it more comfortable and reassuring for them we have extended our ‘Hidden Disability’ scheme to include this exemption card.

Sarah-Louise Stubbs, Customer Relations Manager, Ports of Jersey

The free card can be collected from the Customer Relations Desk at Jersey Airport, but passengers must provide documented evidence of their need for this exemption, such as a medical certificate or doctor’s note.