Calls for independent review into how Jersey's government works

Deputy John Young has put forward a proposition which will be debated in the autumn. Credit: ITV Channel TV

A Jersey politician is calling for an independent review into how the island's government works.

Deputy John Young wants a panel to look into various roles - including that of the Council of Minister, the Assistant Minister and scrutiny panels - to see how effective they are, and how they should look in the future.

Many question whether ministers are really in charge of this system at all. Some ask whether centralised government with its vastly increased complexity has made it too difficult for lay elected members to be effective or is it the corporate civil servants who are effectively in charge.

Deputy John Young, Jersey's Environment Minister

The proposition is due to be debated in the autumn.

Every States member has the right to lodge a proposition in their own name on matters they feel are important. The composition of the States of Jersey and the Government is a matter for the States Assembly as a whole and members can express their views and vote accordingly during the debate.

Senator Lyndon Farnham, Jersey's Deputy Chief Minister

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