Seven day self-isolation for some travellers to Guernsey

Credit: ITV Channel TV

People travelling to Guernsey from some countries will soon be able to self-isolate for seven days rather than the current 14-day period.

From 17 August, travellers from certain areas with low rates of coronavirus infection can isolate for a week and then take a test for the disease. If that test comes back negative, those individuals will be able to come out of isolation. People from those locations can opt out of the test and quarantine for 14 days instead.

However anyone travelling to Guernsey from countries with higher rates of infection will still be required to isolate for the mandatory 14 days. In some cases certain regions of a country will require 14 days of isolation, whereas the rest of the country may only need a individual to isolate for seven days and take a test.

Under the plans to move the island into Phase 5b of the exit from lockdown, the Civil Contingencies Authority has placed countries and regions into three categories based on their infection rate:

Group A- travellers to Guernsey must still isolate for 14 days:

  • Brittany/St Malo

  • Some regions of UK may be classed as Group A – still to be determined

Group B- travellers to Guernsey can isolate for 14 days or seven days then take a test:

A list of Group B countries where people can either isolate for 14 days or for 7 and take a test to determine if they have coronavirus,. Credit: States of Guernsey

Group C Countries – no requirement to self -isolate

  • Isle of Man

The government says that the list is subject to change at short-notice with more details on the States of Guernsey website.

If individuals choose to isolate for seven days and then get a test and then subsequently get symptoms of Covid-19, they will then be required to return to self-isolation and then arrange for another test.

They must also not visit hospital (unless its for emergency care) or a care home.

The head of the Civil Contingencies Authority says the plans have been worked on with advice from the Director of Public Health as well as analysis of the data from the trial of testing on day seven programme in July.

Alderney will not be taking part in Phase 5b but will be looking to review their decision in September and anyone travelling to the island will still need to self-isolate for 14 days. However, Sark will be taking part.