Jersey to move to Level One of lockdown exit from midnight

The government say they are taking a 'more cautious' approach than originally planned. Credit: Government of Jersey Facebook page

Jersey will move into Level One of lockdown exit from midnight (8 August).

Part of that, includes allowing up to 80 people to attend funeral services, however wakes and other family events will only allow 40 people. The government says it is taking a 'more cautious approach' than originally planned as cases of coronavirus start to rise in the UK and across the globe.

Under the new guidelines, beauty salons will be able to conduct work on people's faces, so long as hygiene and sanitising rules are strictly followed.

People will no longer need to work from home, however the Economic Minister, Senator Lyndon Farnham, says employers can allow staff to continue working at home, if they cannot ensure physical distancing in the workplace.

For the island's Health Minister, he says even with the move into Level One, the utmost care must be taken to ensure all islanders are kept safe from the disease.

The risk is not gone, it is not diminished, and we should not think that Level 1 will allow us to return to life as normal. Quite the opposite. We will only be able to fully lift the pandemic public health measures at the point at which an effective vaccine is successfully deployed.

Deputy Richard Renouf, Jersey's Minister for Health and Social Care

Deputy Renouf also said that the government will be taking a tougher approach to ensure those that need to self-isolate will comply with the rules. Those that do not, could face fines for thousands of pounds and even time in prison.

We will be increasing our enforcement activities where we see this is not happening. As an example, if you are required to self-isolate and fail to do so without reasonable excuse, you may be arrested and fined up to £1,000. If you are asked to take a test or provide necessary health information and you fail to do so without reasonable excuse, you may face a fine of up to £10,000.

Deputy Richard Renouf, Jersey's Health and Social Care Minister

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