Guernsey long-distance swimmer scuppered by tide in solo France bid

110820 - Adrian Sarchet France swim - Credit: Mark Torode
Sarchet was in the water for more than 11 hours before abandoning the swim. Credit: Mark Torode

Guernsey long-distance swimmer Adrian Sarchet was beaten by the tide as he attempted to become the first person to complete a solo crossing to France.

He set off from Beaucette Marina just after seven o'clock on Monday morning and spent more than 11 hours in the water before being forced to abandon the swim.

Sarchet had to get special permission to land on French soil if he had finished the challenge, which was successfully done for the first time by a relay team from Jersey last year.

His latest aquatic adventure comes just five months after he became the third Brit to complete the 'Oceans Seven', a set of the the world's most challenging channel swims.

"In terms of a day of firsts, it was great - we didn't get the prize but that's swimming unfortunately", he told ITV News.

Sarchet became just the 21st person to complete the 'Oceans Seven' in March. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Sarchet had long-time friend and fellow open-water swimmer Mandy Mackelworth on his support boat and said he did not dispute the decision to call off the attempt.

"Mandy and I have been through so many wars together that if she says time to get out, Ade, I get out without question to be honest. You have to trust your crew to that extent".

The star of the documentary 'Sea Donkey', which told the story of his epic North Channel crossing, said he is already eyeing up another attempt.

"I got clearance from my wife this morning - she made me a cup of tea and then reached for the tidal charts", he said.

"We'll need to factor it in with work and other commitments - but I don't fancy going again today or tomorrow, so we might have to wait a few weeks.

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