The latest travel guidance for Jersey and Guernsey by country

Credit: ITV News

Both Jersey and Guernsey developed systems to categorise passengers arriving into the Bailiwicks, which determine whether or not they need to isolate.


Everyone arriving into Jersey must complete an online travel form in the 48 hours before their trip.

  • Children: Those aged 11 to 17 will be required to be tested upon arrival and will need to isolate until their negative test result. Under 10s will not be required to complete a pre-departure registration form, undergo testing on arrival or be required to isolate.

  • Vaccinated passengers:​ If you have had both doses of the coronavirus vaccine at least two weeks before travelling, you will be tested on arrival but will not need to isolate while waiting for your result.

  • Non-vaccinated passengers: If you are not fully vaccinated, you will be tested on arrival and must isolate until your test returns a negative result. Results usually take around 8-12 hours.

  • England's international Restricted List: If you are coming from a country that is on England's international Restricted List, you must be tested on arrival, as well as days five and ten, and isolate for ten days. You can leave your isolation for up to two hours a day for fresh air and exercise, but must not meet anyone else or enter any indoor areas.


  • Vaccinated passengers: If you are fully vaccinated and 14 days have passed since your second vaccination, there will be no isolation or testing requirements if you are arriving from the Common Travel Area. This means you will be in the “blue channel” travel category.

  • Non-vaccinated passengers: If you have had both doses of vaccination but 14 days have not passed since your second dose, then country and region categories will apply as normal.