Jersey and Guernsey travel guidance by country - use our interactive maps

Both Jersey and Guernsey have developed systems to categorise passengers arriving into the Bailiwick which determine whether or not they need to isolate


In Jersey, travel guidance is issued using a 'traffic light' system, which categorises countries, and in some cases regions, as red, amber and green as shown on this interactive map:

  • Green - People arriving from a green area are offered a PCR swab test on arrival (day zero) and also on day five, though they are not required to isolate at all.

  • Amber - People arriving from an amber area are offered PCR swab tests on arrival (day zero) and also day five and must isolate until getting their second negative result.

  • Red - People arriving from a red area are offered a PCR swab test on arrival (day zero) but must isolate for 14 days.

People arriving in Jersey are classified according to the place they have stayed overnight which is considered the highest risk in the past 14 days.


In Guernsey, travel guidance is issued based on whether countries are placed in three different groups as shown on this interactive map:

  • Group A - Inbound passengers must self-isolate for 14 days. This includes any country not specifically referenced in Group B or C.

  • Group B - Inbound passengers are eligible for testing on day seven of their self-isolation. They will be allowed to leave isolation if that test is negative. These people must report any Covid-19 symptoms.

  • Group C - Countries which Guernsey has formed an 'air bridge' with - currently only The Isle of Man.