'Partnership of Independents' forms ahead of Guernsey's election

Credit: ITV Channel TV

A 'partnership of independents' has been formed in Guernsey, under the banner of 'Move Forward Together'.

The partnership, which includes Chief Minister Deputy Gavin St Pier, Health and Social Care president Deputy Heidi Soulsby and Deputy Chief Minister Lyndon Trott, says it wants to help field the best candidates for Guernsey's first island-wide election on October 7.

The group says it is not a 'traditional political party', but is instead an assembly of 'independently minded' individuals who will work together to ensure effective government.

The scale of the challenges we face recovering from Covid-19 are huge but with that comes opportunities too. The Guernsey Partnership of Independents demonstrates a rich diversity of talent and a shared commitment to public service. Voters will be able to see quickly that we stand for many of their own priorities. We will move forward together to protect and enhance our extraordinary island.

Deputy Gavin St Pier, Guernsey's Chief Minister

Deputy Heidi Soulsby says the partnership will aim to change the way politics is done in the States - without whipping votes.

We know we won’t agree on every policy. That doesn’t matter; what matters is our pledge to accept and implement majority decisions. We share the frustrations of many islanders who see, time and again, efforts at progress dragged back for debate many times over – wasting time and sometimes never reaching a satisfactory conclusion.

Deputy Heidi Soulsby, President of Guernsey's Committee for Health and Social Care

Each of the candidates has also committed their support to the 'Revive and Thrive' strategy put forward to the States as the island tries to bounce back from the coronavirus crisis.

Deputy Lyndon Trott says economic recovery must be a priority in the coming months.

Guernsey is extremely well equipped to build back better but to do so we need to do three things – invest, be bold and stay competitive. That is how we create and maintain jobs and ensure a strong economy. “That is how we are able to invest in public services and that is why putting the economy front and centre is the most important step to enable us to revive and thrive.

Deputy Lyndon Trott, Guernsey's Deputy Chief Minister

The partnership says several people have signed up to play a part and that they expect more to join them.

It will host public events in the coming weeks and months to share what each member stands for.

So far, only one political party has registered ahead of October's election. Alliance Party Guernsey became the first party on the island after the States backed legislation allowing parties to register to support candidates.