Alderney Headteacher running 100 miles in isolation

Martin Winward is running around his garden trying to reach 100 miles Credit: Martin Winward

The Headteacher of Alderney’s St Anne’s School is running 100 miles around his garden during self isolation.

Martin Winward has returned to the island, and now must complete 14 days of isolation.

He hopes his mammoth challenge will keep him occupied whilst also raising money for the Alzheimer’s Society after someone close to him with dementia died during the pandemic.

I think we have all had to cope with challenges, big and small, in the last few months and for those experiencing loss of loved ones, the lockdown has made all the more ‘real’ our commitment to remaining resilient and working together to get ourselves in a better place.

Martin Winward
Martin has been running random routes within his garden. Credit: Martin Winward

So far Mr Winward has raised four times his original target, reaching £1,500

He hopes to not only raise money for the charity but had pledged to work with students at St Anne’s to help them better understand dementia.