Election Explainer: Party Politics

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Two of the political groupings formed to shake-up Guernsey's government will not be standing any candidates at this autumn's general election. Neither the Islanders Association or 2020 Association are registering to play a formal role ,although three other parties have done so. Deputy Peter Ferbrache from the 2020 Association said he did not think there was enough public appetite for party politics.

It still exists but it's not going to be putting forward candidates as a group because we believe the situation has moved on and we believe it's better to promote our own views albeit in little groupings but we don't think that people in Guernsey are ready, favourable to a party system.

Deputy Peter Ferbrache, 2020 Association

Deputy Carl Meerveld, who helped set up the Islanders Association and is still part of it, said he still believed in groupings, but his grouping would not be fielding candidates and he will be running as an independent.

I still think that the best way forward for Guernsey is a group of Deputies working together cooperatively with common aims stated in a common manifesto which they deliver. I don't believe in executive government. I don't want to see party whips. I don't want to see people dictated to on how they should vote.

Deputy Carl Meerveld, Islanders Association

There are currently three political parties formally registered ahead of October's general election. They are Alliance Party Guernsey, The Guernsey Party, and The Guernsey Partnership of Independents. Current Chief Minister, Deputy Gavin St Pier, who leads The Guernsey Partnership, says his party is not actually a party as all 19 candidates will have their own manifestos.

We've made it clear that the policy positions of individuals will very much be up to them but we have set the priorities for the next term which is very much about Revive and Thrive and delivering that, and delivering it speedily, and investing in that in order to deliver that.

Deputy Gavin St Pier, The Guernsey Partnership

Alliance Party Guernsey intends to make education a key priority. It supports a three school and one sixth form model.

It is a disservice to generations of school children to not know the education system we are going to go through. That is why we have put a priority on settling the policy in 2020, not waiting until April 2021 for another report. This is unfair to school children going through the system today.

Tony Cunningham, Alliance Party Guernsey

The Guernsey Party is due to announce its first eight candidates next week.

The Guernsey Party is a gathering of new candidates. We don't have any standing Deputies or former Deputies in our party. We represent new blood, fiscal prudence, low taxation, the rule of law, particularly high standards of conduct and governance in standing as Deputies.

Mark Helyar, The Guernsey Party

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