Election Explainer: Party Politics

Party politics slate reading 'Gary's election explainer' at the top
Credit: ITV Channel TV

Two of the political groupings formed to shake-up Guernsey's government will not be standing any candidates at this autumn's general election. Neither the Islanders Association or 2020 Association are registering to play a formal role ,although three other parties have done so. Deputy Peter Ferbrache from the 2020 Association said he did not think there was enough public appetite for party politics.

Deputy Carl Meerveld, who helped set up the Islanders Association and is still part of it, said he still believed in groupings, but his grouping would not be fielding candidates and he will be running as an independent.

There are currently three political parties formally registered ahead of October's general election. They are Alliance Party Guernsey, The Guernsey Party, and The Guernsey Partnership of Independents. Current Chief Minister, Deputy Gavin St Pier, who leads The Guernsey Partnership, says his party is not actually a party as all 19 candidates will have their own manifestos.

Alliance Party Guernsey intends to make education a key priority. It supports a three school and one sixth form model.

The Guernsey Party is due to announce its first eight candidates next week.

You can find out more about the Guernsey General Election, including key voting dates here.