People in Jersey reminded to register boats after two kayaks reported drifting

A rescue boat was seen carrying one kayak this morning. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Jersey's Harbour Master is reminding islanders to register their boats to make it easier for them to contact owners if one is found adrift.

Two kayaks were reported drifting in separate incidents on bank holiday Monday (31 August). 

One kayak was reported south of Demi de Pas lighthouse on the island's south east coast. 

Channel Islands Airsearch and the JLA assisted with the search, whilst an Inshore Lifeboat and the Fire Service were also tasked. 

The owner of the kayak later came forward to harbour authorities to report that the kayak had gone missing.

Jersey Coastguard received reports of another abandoned kayak, however the owners retrieved this themselves. 

Jersey Coastguard’s Safety Identification Scheme is free for all boats and water equipment, and allows authorities to make contact with owners quickly to make sure they are not in danger. 

Elsewhere in Jersey, islanders are trying to pull out a car caught by the tides coming in at Anne Port. 

Police are asking people to be aware of tide times if they are parking on slipways.