A look around the new Les Quennevais School

Credit: ITV Channel TV

For many children going back to school is a new beginning however, students at Les Quennevais School are also getting used to a brand new building.

New classrooms, computers, science labs and sports courts. 

It has been months since the whole school has been back together full time, but on Monday they will have to navigate their way around the bigger and ‘better’ building. 

Years seven and 11 will be the first to start - before the other year groups join next week. 

The new science labs have been built with monitors in the middle. Credit: ITV Channel TV

The Headteacher hopes for the school to feel more like a university Credit: ITV Channel TV

The old Les Quennevais School, which educated thousands of children during its 56-year history, closed its doors in July.

Credit: ITV Channel TV

The new £40 million facility has been built to accommodate more students and provide modern facilities.