Blooms to take Pride in: Guernsey flowerbed celebrates Channel Islands Pride

Liberate vice-chair Ellie Jones with Richard Langmead from States Works. Credit: States of Guernsey

A colourful flowerbed has been planted in Guernsey to mark Channel Islands Pride 2020.

Blooms at North Plantation have been arranged into a rainbow to mark the annual event.

The rainbow has been a symbol of LGBTQ equality since the 1960s but has taken on a wider meaning to islanders during the coronavirus crisis.

Ellie Jones from Liberate came up with the idea in the winter months - but says she could not have foreseen the new significance it would take on.

The display that’s been created is beautiful and sends out such a strong message of Guernsey being inclusive. We are very grateful to the States Works team for putting the display together. The rainbow seems to have become a symbol of 2020 and #GuernseyTogether so it has a dual purpose.

Ellie Jones, Liberate Vice-chair

The purple flowers were originally ordered from a UK supplier, but faced delays because of the pandemic. Instead, the team from Land Management at States Works sowed seeds at the end of April which were grown in the greenhouses at Burnt Lane until they were ready for planting.

Channel Islands Pride will take place in St Peter Port on Saturday 12 September.