Jersey States vote against landlord licensing scheme labelled 'biased'

The newly-formed Jersey Tenants' Forum says too many of the politicians debating and voting on the issue had a financial interest in it. Credit: ITV Channel TV

The group representing tenants in Jersey will make a formal complaint about the government's handling of a debate on landlord licensing.

Politicians voted 24 to 20 against proposals to introduce a scheme, which would be used to inspect properties on a yearly basis to make sure they meet minimum standards.

Now, the newly-formed Jersey Tenants' Forum plans to appeal against that decision, as it says too many of those voting had a "financial interest" in the result.

The landlords on Jersey's States should declare an interest, leave the States Chamber, and not take part in the debate, and not only did they take part in the debate, but they spoke vociferously in defending their own financial interests and that's just not on.

Stuart Langhorn, Jersey Tenants' Forum
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