'Don't hold it in' urge Guernsey parents who lost son to suicide

Morgan McGlynn was just 19-years-old when he took his own life. Credit: ITV Channel TV

A Guernsey family who lost their son to suicide say there must be more conversations about it, if more lives are to be saved.

Morgan McGlynn was just 19-years-old when he took his own life after struggling with feelings of depression.

Like so many, his struggle was one he kept from the outside world.

We were aware of the fact that he was depressed but on the outside, you would never have known. To everybody else, to his friends and family, he was always happy - laughing and joking and a fun person. No mother should lose her child to suicide. I miss him. I miss him terribly.

Alison Watson, Morgan's mother
Alison and Gordon Watson. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Morgan's family had found a letter in which he had admitted he wanted to end his own life just the day before he died.

His family still struggle to process his loss every day.

Suicide is more difficult as well because if you lose a son to illness, you can blame the illness. If you lose your child to an accident or a murder even, there's somebody to blame but this - there's nothing.

Gordon Watson, Morgan's stepfather

In his memory, his family set up an online fundraiser which has already raised over £13,000 pounds for mental health charity Mind to support their work in the Bailiwick. The charity says it is working to introduce early intervention platforms to help people to identify negative feelings and prevent them from escalating to the point they become suicidal.

Thursday 10 September is World Suicide Prevention Day, a day when people around the world try to have more honest and frank conversations around suicide and mental health.

Alison urges others facing difficult times to speak up and seek support if they need it.

Just to talk. Just to make sure if you're having health issues, problems in your mind and you feel like you're in a dark place, find someone to talk to. Don't hold it in.

Alison Watson, Morgan's mother

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Get help and support

There are a number of charities operating in the Channel Islands offering support to those who find themselves in need of help.