Jersey's Chief Minister aware of no confidence vote bid

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Jersey’s Chief Minister has accused fellow politicians plotting his downfall of playing “petty politics”.

Senator John Le Fondré made the comments after details of an attempt to force a vote of no confidence in his leadership was revealed in the latest ITV News Channelcast podcast.

The episode announced a small number of politicians were gathering support to force a vote on Senator John Le Fondré's running of government. It follows an earlier attempt in the spring which did not gather enough votes to be formally presented to the States Assembly.

Speaking to BBC Radio Jersey, Senator Le Fondré said he was aware of the reports contained in Channelcast.

If people want to come in and start playing politics at a time when we're only half way through the crisis, I'll be very disappointed. Particularly, I'd need to know the grounds for that because to date, we've handled it well, we've looked after islanders and we're looking forward to continuing to protect them over the coming winter months.

Senator John Le Fondré, Jersey's Chief Minister