Jersey students told to wear face masks on school buses

Jersey students should wear face coverings on school buses from next Monday (21 September). Credit: ITV Channel TV

Jersey students will be required to wear face coverings on school buses from next Monday (21 September).

The current government guidance says it is "strongly recommended" for those over the age of 11. But from next Monday, it will become a condition for travel for all students, unless they have a medical condition. If this is a case, they will receive an exemption card.

From 21 September to 5 October, any student who does not have a face mask or the money to pay for one will be given a disposable mask for free by their bus driver.

We know that school buses are running at full capacity, including standing passengers, so the ability to physically distance from each other and from the bus driver is very limited. We are working with LibertyBus to address the concerns raised by parents, schools and the drivers to ensure everyone on board is protected.

Dr Ivan Muscat, Jersey's Deputy Medical Officer of Health

LibertyBus has assured the Government of Jersey that no student will ever be denied access to a school bus for not wearing a mask.

We had hoped that by strongly recommending face coverings on school buses the majority of students would comply, but unfortunately this has not been the case and its become necessary to enforce this more strongly.

Kevin Hart, Director for LibertyBus