More than £330,000 donated to Jersey charities

More than £330,000 has been donated to Jersey charities over the last three months.

The money from the Jersey Association of Charities went to organisations including Jersey Hospice, Autism Jersey and ArtHouse Jersey. The money came from profits from the Channel Islands Lottery, funding from the national emergency trust and private donations to the association.

It comes after charities in Jersey said they may have to cut back their services or even close after fundraising events came to a halt during lockdown.

The Association of Jersey Charities says groups in Jersey have lost well over £1 million of estimated income from fundraising events during lockdown and for now these funds will not be covered.

We received applications from 22 applicants, which is a clear reflection of the need for funding in what is an unprecedented and hugely challenging year. The fact that the Government of Jersey has now agreed to ask us to distribute the £374,000 remaining from the profits of the 2018 Channel Islands Lottery is welcome news and should see local charities through until the end of the year.

Liz Le Poidevin, Chairman of the AJC

However, islanders are still being encouraged to play their part in helping local groups.

The sector clearly needs significantly more funds for 2021 and beyond. We are encouraging islanders to enjoy their Spend Local cards in local restaurants, cafes, businesses and shops but to consider also making a donation from their own funds to their favourite charity or our Appeal fund.

Liz Le Poidevin, Chairman of the AJC,