Islands will not give up control of territorial waters

It comes after concerns the UK could surrender Channel Islands' fishing grounds in a bid to pass Brexit deal. Credit: ITV Channel TV

The Channel Islands will not give up control of their territorial waters.

It comes after concerns the UK could offer French fishermen improved access to Channel Islands' waters, in bid to pass a Brexit deal.

In statements, both governments make it clear they are working with both the UK and the EU to ensure the islands benefit from any future fishing regime.

In Jersey, it goes on to outline that the main principles of conservation, sustainable management and equal access to markets must be at the centre of any future plans.

Ministers are very aware of the importance of fisheries in Jersey and in our neighbouring communities in France and wish to maintain an agreement which upholds and improves the responsible management of our shared marine resources. We continue to ensure that Jersey’s views are fully represented and understood in all negotiations and discussions regarding our territorial waters.

Government of Jersey statement

The government says Jersey’s involvement in any EU-UK related agreement will be based on consideration of the overall deal available.

Guernsey's government echoes that sentiment and says and agreement must be 'proportionate, relevant and practical'.

Any new relationship must be proportionate, relevant and practical taking into account the island nature of the Bailiwick, its size and population and unique needs. If the UK and EU agree to new trade agreement, in principle, during the current negotiations this will need to considered by the three parliaments of the Bailiwick before it can be accepted and apply to the islands.

Deputy Gavin St. Pier, President of the Policy & Resources Committee