Jersey hair stylists say they need a professional organisation to represent them in light of pandemic

The hair and beauty industry was one of the first to close in Jersey when the lockdown was enforced in the island. Credit: USA TODAY Network/SIPA USA/PA Images

Hair and beauty salons owners in Jersey are calling for a professional body to be set up to help represent their interests and liaise with government.

Before the pandemic, several beauticians and hair stylists were calling for better representation for their industry and that has become more urgent since all salons had to close during lockdown.

One stylist has set up a Facebook Messenger Group so businesses can communicate their worries with one another, and it has proved to be incredibly popular with more than 80 salons joining to discuss their concerns.

Many hair stylists are concerned for their businesses if a second lockdown is enforced in the island. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Despite bringing together many of the island's hair and beauty salons, the group now says something more official needs to be set up so they can communicate more effectively with Jersey's government. And that has been backed by one backbench politician.

Stylist, Lauren Layzell says she does not think many businesses in her industry will survive if there is a second lockdown. She feels that the hair and beauty industry was not supported by the government and a professional representative is crucial.

New measures have been put in place to ensure staff are and customers are protected. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Jersey Chamber of Commerce, which voices the concerns hundreds of businesses in the island says the hair and beauty industry needs to be listened to.