Jersey set for first medicinal cannabis clinic

Cannabis plant
Medicann says its clinic will be up and running in the next few weeks. Credit: ITV Channel TV

A specialist medicinal cannabis clinic could soon open in Jersey.

The company, Medicann, says it is training several locally-based doctors to specialise in cannabis prescribing. They say the training will cover a broad range of chronic health conditions, including pain.Some islanders are already importing medicinal cannabis from the UK, but say it's a costly and complicated process.James Bedding, who was paralysed from the shoulders down following an accident as a teenager, uses it to control painful spasms.

James Bedding relies on medicinal cannabis to deal with painful spasms. Credit: ITV Channel TV

He had to have a video consultation with a doctor at the UK clinic who then issued a prescription. James then had to apply for a licence to import cannabis from Jersey's Chief Pharmacist.

Once his import licence was approved, the UK company had to apply for an export licence. Jersey's Customs department then had to track and claim GST on the products once they arrived.James now spends up to £1,000 for a three month supply of Bedrocan and Bedica. He thinks an on-island clinic will help more people access the drugs:

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) does not currently recommend the use of medicinal cannabis, so it cannot be prescribed by Jersey's GPs. However, Dr Matt Doyle says there is a role for specialists to explore this area more.