Storm Alex: Weather on the turn in the Channel Islands with strong winds and heavy rain on the way

Jersey Met has forecast some wet and wild weather to come over the next few days. Credit: PA Images

Jersey Met has forecast some wet and wild weather to come over the next few days.

On Wednesday morning (30 September) they issued an orange wind warning for gale force winds from the west to southwest, which arrived later that day. It must be stressed that this is not likely to be on land and infact only briefly on the north of the area mid channel on Wednesday, but it is just the start of some fairly miserable weather on the cards over the next four days or so.

The French Met Department (Meteo France) has also named a subsequent area of low pressure, as Storm Alex, and it is anticipated the worst of the winds could be from Friday (2 October) morning as this storm moves close to the Channel Islands, and again during Saturday as a series of low pressure act like like a washing machine with the center based over the islands. This means that at times the winds may drop out and the showers will spiral around us, but it also means at times it will be fairly miserable. Typical autumn weather.

Jersey Met told me there could be disruption - with a lot of rain and wind over the weekend and islanders should keep a close eye on the developments in the forecast. Updates will be issued throughout the day, as always, and it would be advisable to keep informed through this week and the weekend.

The current forecast is for heavy rain this afternoon and tomorrow, with 10 to 20mm on each day, and then further heavy rain on Friday and Saturday; this could amount to 25 to 40mm.