Storm Alex in numbers

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Storm Alex has arrived in the Channel Islands.

Gusts of 66mph have been recorded on land in Jersey, meanwhile Guernsey has seen 42mm of rain in the last 24 hours.

Storm Alex has now fully matured. 

The centre of the storm will not get any deeper, but this does not mean it will not bring increasing wind and rain. 

Moving west winds are expected to strengthen as it pulls away.

Meanwhile, Alderney was in the eye of the storm at 6am with little wind recorded. 

Winds are expected to increase in Guernsey up until Friday lunchtime. As winds swing round it will affect south, east and North East coasts tonight.

Analysis by our weather presenter Sophia Bird

Storm Alex is a deep area of low pressure. Low pressure brings unsettled weather.

We can measure how unsettled and windy it will be by looking at how deep the low will become, this is measured in millibars. To put this in context, the average pressure at sea level is 1013.25 millibars, but at 6am the pressure was just 968mb.

Its centre was almost directly over Guernsey at time, so the winds had dropped out but as it moved away, the fronts associated with the low pressure cell (bands of rain) dragged their way across Jersey and then continued to move to Guernsey.

This means the wet weather arrived across the islands at different times and the winds increased in Guernsey, and decreased in Jersey.

As Storm Alex continues to move north south east and west, our weather will change becoming wet and wild for a time, then dry and blustery.