Overdale chosen as preferred site for new Jersey hospital

061020 Overdale Hospital
Overdale or People's Park were the two options for where the new hospital will be located. According to the government, it is set to be built by 2026. Credit: ITV Channel TV

It has been announced that Overdale has been chosen by the Council of Ministers as the preferred site for Jersey's new hospital.

Jersey's Assistant Chief Minister confirmed the choice this morning (6 October) in a States sitting.

It was chosen over People's Park because it has a better integrated design with all services, including mental health, on one site. Senator Lyndon Farnham also said it allows flexibility and it is futureproof for generations to come.

The land at Overdale is more expensive and will cost a total of £550 million to build, compared to £524 million if the hospital were to be located at People's Park.

The demolition of George V Cottages to provide access to the new hospital has also been decided against, but three homes will still need to be purchased by the States to resolve the issue.

More than 80 possible sites were originally identified from suggestions made by the public which were then whittled down to five, before being reduced to two.

They were assessed using criteria formed by the Our Hospital Citizens Panel and medical professionals.

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According to the government, the new hospital is expected to be built by 2026.