Guernsey Election: Eleven Deputies lose their seats

Matt Fallaize and Mary Lowe were two of the biggest casualties Credit: ITV Channel

Eleven deputies have lost their seats in this year’s General Election. 

It means half of the States will be made up of new faces, with 19 previously un-elected candidates. 

Former President of the Committee for Education, Sport & Culture Matt Fallaize and the Mother of the House Mary Lowe were two of the biggest casualties, in a night of surprises. 

Matt Fallaize was well outside the top 38, finishing 85th on the list of 119 candidates.

During his time as President of the Education Committee he tried to introduce a controversial one school, two-site model. Thousands protested against the plan earlier in the year.

Of those elected, none said their preference was a one school, two site model. The majority (16) of those who gave their education preference supported a three schools and one sixth form model. 

Here's a full list of Deputies who lost their seats:

  • Barry Brehaut

  • Mark Dorey

  • Matt Fallaize

  • Sarah Hansmann Rouxel

  • Shane Langlois

  • Mary Lowe

  • Jennifer Merrett

  • Jeremy Smithies

  • Jane Stephens

  • Dawn Tindall

  • Rhian Tooley

Deputy Mary Lowe was previously the longest serving politician, having been a representative since 1994.

The results will come as a bitter blow to the Mother of the House who said she wished to remain as Home Affairs president because there was still ‘an awful lot to do’.