Guernsey Election: Fewer women voted in

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Guernsey's election has been a blow for female candidates with just one in five Deputies being women.

A total of eight women were elected, compared to 12 in the previous election.

The States is now made up of 30 men (79%) and eight women (21%).

In the 2016 General Election, 26 men were elected compared to 12 women. 

This year, more than double the number of women stood for election compared to 2012, however there were still far more men standing in the election than women. 

Of the 119 candidates 91 were men.

Women in Public Life, a Guernsey organisation trying to get more women into politics, says women are significantly under-represented in many parts of public life.

The group have campaigned and worked with women from across the political spectrum to encourage them to stand in this, and future, elections.