"We've had to re-think and re-prioritise" - Details of 2021 Jersey Government Plan revealed

States of Jersey Credit: ITV Channel TV

Further details of Jersey's Government plan and how it will be funded will be revealed today.

The Jersey States Assembly voted to adopt the Government plan for 2020-2023 in December.

However, due to the pandemic the timescales for some projects have been re-examined and the States have re-prioritised how they aim to use their resources and plan to invest in the island.

The Government Plan 2021-24 will be lodged on Monday (12 October) at noon.

The Government Plan details how much can be raised from taxes and spent on public services until 2024.

The Chief Minister says the key areas of focus for 2021 will be:

  • Responding to Covid-19 while protecting health services.

  • Managing economic recovery so the States can invest in healthcare and education for the future.

  • Rebalancing finances responsibly and without an increase in taxes

This Government Plan reflects the scale of the measures we’ve had to implement as we’ve responded to the pandemic, while also ensuring we protect the Island’s future. We worked hard to save lives in the emergency pandemic phase and now that our testing and tracing system continues to suppress the virus in Jersey, we will continue to support Islanders’ jobs, livelihoods and the local economy.

Chief Minister, Senator John Le Fondré