Damien Hirst piece donated to Guernsey's Health Department

The piece will go on public display at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital Credit: States of Guernsey

A piece of artwork by renowned artist Damien Hirst has been given to Guernsey's Health and Social Care department.

Butterfly Rainbow features a rainbow made up of coloured butterfly wings.

Hirst, who won the Turner Prize in 1995, created the piece in May 2020 to show support for frontline health staff tackling the coronavirus pandemic.

A limited edition of the piece was produced, raising a total of £1,508,172 for NHS Charities Together.

Damien Hirst with the artwork, entitled Butterfly Rainbow. Credit: States of Guernsey

I wanted to do something to support the many people who are risking their lives to help those in need during this time of crisis. The rainbow is a sign of hope and I’m so pleased to have released these prints to help fund the brilliant work being done by NHS staff across the country.

Damian Hirst, artist

The artwork has been gifted on condition that it is never sold, remains on public display and is kept in a location where there is a named person responsible for artwork on-site.

The piece will go on display in an exhibition of works created in the Bailiwick or gifted during lockdown, before taking its permanent home in the Princess Elizabeth Hospital.