Scrutiny of Jersey's Government Plan to begin immediately

Work will take place over the next nine weeks to review and evaluate proposals. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Scrutiny of Jersey's Government Plan for 2021-2024 is set to begin immediately following its release.

The proposals aim to support the sustainable economic, social, environmental and cultural wellbeing of the island. In response to the coronavirus pandemic it has been announced that Jersey’s government is planning to borrow more than a third of a billion pounds in 2021 to try and balance the books.

A "Government Plan Review Panel" has been formed and will work with all Scrutiny Panels over the next nine weeks to review and evaluate propositions. They will produce a series of reports making recommendations for amendments, improvements and changes, which will be debated in December 2020.

The panel says a number of matters that will be followed up include:

  • Borrowing a considerable sum of money instead of using the Strategic Reserve (Rainy Day Fund) including using £336 million in 2021 from the Revolving Credit facility of £500 million obtained by the Minister for Treasury and Resources in May 2020.

  • The approach to and level of efficiencies and the potential impact on delivering services to islanders.

  • The robustness of the evidence which underpins many of the assumptions on which the Government Plan is based – including presently the absence of the Income Forecasting Group’s report. 

Although we only have nine weeks to scrutinise all elements of the Plan, report our findings and lodge amendments where appropriate, we will do our best to make sure the budget allocations for all capital and revenue projects are sufficient for all islanders’ wellbeing and economic recovery. I look forward to engaging with stakeholders and the wider public in the coming weeks.

Senator Kristina Moore, Chair of the Government Plan Review Panel

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