Guernsey bikers ride in support of mental health

Bikers, cyclists and runners came together to Credit: ITV Channel TV

A memorial ride has taken place in Guernsey to celebrate the life of Morgan Mcglynn who took his own life in May. Bikers, cyclists and runners raced around the island to raise money for Guernsey Mind. The event started at Vazon and the final stop was at Pembroke Beach.

Morgan's 20th birthday would have been on 13 October. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Morgan's mother, Alison Watson and his stepfather, Gordon Watson, have raised more than £13,000 for Guernsey Mind.

The charity is now able to set up a suicide prevention and early intervention service to help vulnerable islanders. The service will focus on young people aged between 16 and 25.

We started raising funds for Guernsey Mind with a view to setting up a service for young people. So they can go somewhere, where they can speak to somebody. We knew that with Morgan, we were all too close to speak to him. We knew there were issues. But we didn't know to what extent.

Alison Watson, Morgan's mother

Maddy Diligent, Guernsey Mind Events and Campaign Coordinator, says the money raised by Morgan's family has given them a "significant head start" and a lot of planning needs to happen over the next couple of months to launch the service "as soon as possible".

Alison hopes that "something positive can come out of their tragedy" with Guernsey Mind's new service. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Guernsey Mind hopes to launch the new support service at the start of 2021.