Jersey literacy charity expands into numeracy to bridge learning gap

Credit: ITV Channel TV

A Jersey charity which works to improve literacy levels amongst primary school pupils in Jersey say, their work is more needed now than ever.

Every Child Our Future places hundreds of volunteers in schools to support children in developing their reading skills. In total, around 750 children benefit from their work.

Statistics suggest that around one in five children in Jersey's States-run school fail to reach their expected literacy targets by the time they leave primary school.

However, they are currently planning to expand their volunteering efforts to include numeracy and an early years programme in their offering

The numeracy support programme involves volunteers going into schools and playing numeracy games, fun games with children, almost like the children don't realise they are actually improving their numeracy by doing these games and it all helps to cement their number bond knowledge and their fluency with numbers.

Lucy Le Poidevin, Every Child Our Future

Research in the UK suggests that lockdown made children fall up to three months behind on their reading progress.

Whilst volunteer numbers dropped during the pandemic, a renewed push means they now have around 350 volunteers helping to deliver the literacy programme. Some 200 volunteers are provided by the charity's 23 corporate members, whilst another 150 are community volunteers. Research locally has suggested the volunteer programme can double children's speed of progress.