Seven cases of coronavirus suspend Isle of Man air bridge in Guernsey

There will be no change to Guernsey's borders or further restrictions put in place despite seven people testing positive for coronavirus.

The new Chief Minister confirmed in a press conference that the cluster of cases are all directly to one case, identified on Monday (19 October). The origins of that case are still unclear. The air bridge to the Isle of Man has been suspended as a result of the outbreak. It was put in place in June and allowed people to travel between jurisdictions without the need to self-isolate.

There are currently around 120 Isle of Man residents in Guernsey and 70 Guernsey residents in the Isle of Man. There is set to be one final Aurigny flight rotation on Saturday 24 October to help passengers fly home. All future flights have been cancelled.

Some care homes decided to close to visitors following the unexplained first case, although Guernsey's health services are carrying on as normal.