More funding needed for repair work on Guernsey's L'Ancresse wall

The work will help structure have the best chance of surviving over the next decade. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Repairs to an anti-tank wall in Guernsey are underway - but politicians warn more funding will be needed to complete the work.

Plans to restore parts of beachfront defences at L'Ancresse were approved by the previous States of Guernsey in a requête, in order to give the structure the best chance of surviving over the next decade.

Concrete is to be poured into voids formed in two of the panels which were built without foundations. The Committee will also look into placing rock armour around these panels to offer extra protection.

To prepare for the work, a section of earth bank will also be removed close to the Beach House car park so that vehicles and machinery can access the site via the path.

Following the debate in the previous States, the Committee for Environment and Infrastructure drew up a detailed plan of maintenance works. However, it warns that because the number of panels of the wall which need restoring was miscalculated, the cost of the repairs is 'considerably in excess' of the funding outlined in the Requete.

Funding for the most urgent work will come from the Committee's current budgets, but discussions will take place with the States' Policy & Resources Committee about how to cover the cost of the remaining repairs.