Sark entrepreneur trying to bring 100 new residents to the island to help boost the economy

An entrepreneur in Sark says he is on track to bring 100 new residents to the island over the next nine months. Swen Lorenz moved to the island 16 years ago and is now running a business called Sark Society, helping others make the move too.

By increasing the island's population by 25%, he estimates it will bring an additional £600,000 a year to the local economy.

I started this in August and currently estimating that about 60 of my clients will move to Sark. We've generated a lot of general PR in the media literally around the world. We've been in 30 newspapers and magazines so other members of the public in other countries have read about it. And I think we're probably on course to getting 100 new residents over the next 6 to 9 months.

Swen Lorenz, owner of Sark Society

Some of those new and potential residents have been meeting up to get to know each other. Harry Rauser says he wanted find a tranquil place like Sark to live.

We were looking for a place where we could find some peace. We were looking for a place that would be nice, where we could find a tight knit community.

Harry Rauser

Mr Lorenz says he already has 15 families moving to the island, from all walks of life.