Guernsey's government tenders for MOT style checks

Guernsey's government is tendering for a company to carry out MOT style checks on vehicles in the island.

The checks will be referred to as 'Periodic Technical Inspections' and mean islanders will be allowed to drive in Europe after the UK leaves the EU.

The inspections will also allow Guernsey registered vehicles to bought and sold in Europe after Brexit.

Similarly in Jersey, DVS checks are already in place for motorbikes on the island, but will be introduced on cars after the government agreed to sign up to the UN Convention on Motor Traffic following Brexit.

The introduction of the vehicle inspections means islanders who wish to drive abroad each year will be able to continue doing so irrespective of the outcome of the UK’s Brexit-related withdrawal negotiations.

Guernsey's government has been in communication with the island's motor industry to find companies they believe can offer the requirements of the Vienna Convention.

The testing of cars and light vans (under 3.5 tonnes) will commence at five-years-old and then every three years thereafter. Motorcycles will be tested at three-years-old and then every two years thereafter, commercial vehicles (over 3.5 tonnes) will be tested annually. The inspection regime has been broken down into three phases:

  • Phase 1: To commence by 1 April 2019 covers the inspection of licensed public service vehicles including taxis, private hire cars, coaches and buses.

  • Phase 2: To commence by 1 April 2021, covers inspections for vehicles of a certain age travelling into the EU and for second hand or ‘not new’ vehicles of a certain age being imported into Guernsey.

  • Phase 3: To commence by 1 April 2023, covers the inspection of all motor vehicles in domestic (on-island) traffic including motorcycles, initially restricted to those motorcycles over 125cc (or equivalent electric power). All vehicles of the required age for testing will need to have been through the inspection process by 3 March 2025.

The timeline for the introduction of phases two and three will be adjusted because of the pandemic.