Jersey GP digitisation could speed up test results

The system was tested in early 2020. Credit: PA

A new digital system could mean patients in Jersey have to wait less time for results of X-rays and radiology scans.

GPs in the island can request and receive test results electronically, following the roll-out of an electronic system which replaces paper forms.

Previously, GPs had to fill out requests on paper before sending them to the hospital. The results of the test would then be sent back via post.

It is hoped that the new system will reduce delays between ordering tests and results being received.

Being able to both request and receive results for scans and X-rays electronically is a great step for Primary Care. This reduces delays in patients having their tests completed and means their GP has the result quicker. With speedier access to these investigations your GP can now ensure you are getting the appropriate treatment even sooner.

Dr Ed Klaber, GP

Work to introduce the new system was tested early in 2020 before the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

It has now been stepped up to allow all GPs across Jersey to use it to request X-rays and ultrasound tests.