Jerseyman Matt Porteous named in top wedding photographers in the world

A Jerseyman has been named in the top wedding photographers in the world by the Harper's Bazaar magazine.

Matt Porteous, who is best known for his photos of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their children, has been a professional photographer for 12 years. 

Credit: Matt Porteous

He has snapped many famous faces, including singer Ellie Goulding on her big day.

Credit: Matt Porteous

This most recent accolade is the latest in a long line of awards that have recognised his work.

Credit: Matt Porteous

Despite the international attention Matt, and his company Studio_M, are still firmly rooted in his home island. He is currently working on environmental projects and is setting up an academy to pass on his skills and knowledge.

Every seaside town, every small island, everybody's thinking the same, everybody has that same love for the ocean, they want to protect their ocean, they want to protect their community so we've built a platform that can connect a global audience, a global audience of story-tellers, it's bringing all these stories together and turning it into a bigger change.

Matt Porteous