Springfield Stadium: Plans to reinstate standing areas behind goals

The fencing has proved unpopular with supporters, particularly during the 2018 Muratti Vase final. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Football fans can look forward to watching their team from behind the goals at Jersey's Springfield Stadium once again after plans were submitted to remove the high fencing at either end of the pitch.

The fences, installed as a condition of funding when the artificial surface was laid in 2015, have been unpopular with supporters across the Channel Islands, particularly on Muratti final days.

Fences were installed around the pitch at Springfield when the artificial surface was laid in 2015. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Under the proposals, the 3.2m fencing would be moved back and new 1.1m barriers installed, creating new spectator areas at the north and south ends of the ground, which is now home to Jersey Bulls FC.

The 2020 Vase final, which was cancelled because of the pandemic, was due to take place at Springfield with the restricted viewing behind the goals leading the Jersey FA to make the match all-seater.