Two parish elections underway in Guernsey

Two parishes are voting in their new Douzeniers and Constables. Polling stations are open until 8pm. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Some islanders in Guernsey are going to the polls today (Wednesday 18 November) to vote in their new Douzeniers and Constables. A record number of candidates have volunteered to serve their community.

Most parishes held their elections two weeks ago, on 4 November, but St Peter Port and St Martin voted to defer theirs so that everyone on the electoral roll in the parish could vote at a polling station.

Both are voluntary roles: Constables are responsible by law for the day-to-day administration of the parish and are assisted by a small team of staff.

Douzeniers are representatives of the parishioners and their link to the States of Guernsey. There are 12 in most parishes, but the Vale has 16 and St Peter Port has 20. They are responsible for the vision and direction of the parish and the transparency of its affairs.Polling stations in the two parishes are open until 8pm this evening. People can vote in the following locations:

St Peter Port:

The Constables’ Office in Lefebvre Street (open from 10am to 8pm). 

Reception at Beau Sejour (open from 10am to 8pm). 

St Martin:

St Martin Parish Hall (open from 10am to 8pm)