'Very feisty' Joey the seal pup needs donations of fish to keep him thriving

GSPCA staff say Joey will need a lot of treatment before he is healthy and ready to be released back into the wild. Credit: GSPCA

A poorly seal pup that was rescued on Les Écréhous ten days ago needs donations of fish to keep him happy through the winter months.

Joey, who weighed a very thin 18kgs, was cared for overnight at New Era Vets in Jersey before being transported to Guernsey. Staff say he "wouldn't have made it" if he had not been found.

Joey has now lost his white coat. Credit: GSPCA

The pup is doing well after around the clock care and has lost his white coat. Staff says he remains "very feisty" and will need a lot of treatment before he is ready to be released.

Joey was extremely thin when he arrived but remains very feisty which is a good sign. He has lost his white coat which happens at only a few weeks of age. I’ve been caring for him around the clock and he is doing well but has a long way to being a healthy pup and ready for the wild.

Geoff George, Head of Marine Mammals, GSPCA

The GSPCA says it is now in the middle of seal pup season and for people to let the charity know if they spot one.

If you see a seal pup please do not approach it but do take a picture and send it in and give us a call so we know where they are and assess they are okay. By approaching a seal pup you could scare its mother away and put the pup at risk so please keep a very safe distance and do not allow your dogs anywhere near them.

Steve Byrne, GSPCA Manager